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Mint tea for insomnia

The Story of


Divinity Remedy, LLC was created as a natural spiritual remedy business to help assist with finding natural alternatives through holistic remedies! Many herbs were mixed together as preventives or aids for individuals years ago before man-made medicine came into the picture. 

Growing up I always saw my dad do these nature alternatives, like take vinegar for headaches or mix something up for me to breathe in when my asthma inhaler wasn't helps. So personally, I try to always go the natural way because I want to know what's going in my body. But a lot of the times it works better #MoreEffective this way.


So, one day a friend during her menstrual would suffer from PMS so I thought hey why not make her a tea. Usually, I would just make it for myself, but I offered it to my friend. She said, "Wow this really helped!" And before you know it, she was able to get some rest. In that moment, I realized this could be beneficial for more than just me! So, the 'Mother Nature' tea was the start to me creating so many other amazing teas!

I want people to be able to use my business as a stepping-stone to being more mindful. Mindfulness is more than just knowing what you put into your body, but it is also about how your treat your mind and body! That is why I have affirmations on a lot of my products! My products get you in habit of saying positive things to yourself. Learning how to set time for yourself, whether that is a self-love bath, meditation with tea, positive self-talk with oils, or just journaling. 

Many people have no ideas where to start with mindfulness. The start is here! You can start doing simple things. For example: waking up in the morning and making a cup of tea and just sitting in silence or if you have children waking up 10 minutes early to just get a little quiet time. 

By the end of 2024 we want to be 100% eco-friendly! So, we are working on finding packaging that is safe for our product and shipping! 

Love & Light, La'Dayshia

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